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Department Overview

The Program Management Office (PMO) is an internal business advisory unit that provides technical, organizational, and process services to the UCSF campus. PMO’s 20-person team includes a lineup of skilled consulting professionals with decades of experience in both the public and private sectors. Our Project Managers come to UCSF from some of the top consulting firms in the country, and all bring specialized expertise in the field of higher education. PMO staff provide our clients with objective advice and assistance relating to strategy, structure, management and operations in pursuit of specific long-term purposes and objectives.

PMO works with department and central leaders and staff to implement both campus-wide and unit-specific operational improvements. Established in 2002, PMO has supported large-scale systems implementation, strategic planning, and organizational development. PMO focuses on gathering and analyzing business requirements, engaging stakeholders in the project work teams, conducting change management activities (training, procedures development, communications, and department readiness support) and overall project management for the implementation. PMO is proud to provide the high quality advice and assistance that supports campus leaders in achieving their goals.


PMO Services

PMO addresses two types of client needs: Campus-wide and On Demand.

  • Campus-wide Services: Large-scale systems and organizational implementations. Campus-wide projects are distinct in that they are centrally funded and enterprise-wide.
  • On Demand Services: Flexible, fee-for-service consulting for smaller-scale projects initiated and funded by individual units.


Why Opt for In-House Consulting?

There are a variety of benefits to choosing an in-house consulting service over a private consulting firm. While external consultants can often contribute exceptional value to a project or initiative, in-house consultants (such as PMO) offer a number of built-in advantages. Below we have listed a few reasons why you might consider hiring PMO for your business advisory needs:

  • Understanding of UCSF – Whereas external consultants must spend valuable time and energy learning the campus’ structure, priorities, and culture, PMO consultants arrive with a robust existing base of knowledge about the institution.
  • Familiarity with stakeholders – Over a decade of managing large-scale campus projects, PMO consultants have developed relationships with various stakeholders across UCSF, and can leverage existing relationships to help gather critical information, guide communications, and expedite project timelines.
  • Expertise in UCSF-specific business processes – Our consultants are particularly well-suited to UCSF project needs thanks to our deep familiarity with and experience interacting with a variety of campus-specific business processes.
  • Knowledge stays within UCSF – The lessons learned by PMO consultants while working on UCSF projects are retained in the department and used to inform and improve future efforts.
  • Lower overall cost – Our rates are all but guaranteed to be lower than those of comparable private sector consulting firms.


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