OpenPlan Workspace Change Management


UCSF will be building new buildings with Open Plan Workspaces. The first building that UCSF built with this style of workspaces resulted in many issues and faculty and staff dissatisfaction with the work environment. The PMO was hired to develop a Change Management Strategy to mitigate these issues in future buildings, and smooth the transition into this new style of working.


The PMO established a Design Team comprised of current and future open plan occupants and service providers. Additionally, they established a ‘Change Agent’ group of prospective new open plan building occupants to begin early engagement. Design team workshops were held and gemba was conducted to formulate recommendations. Using these experiences the team identified customer values and based recommendations on those values. These recommendations were then validated with Change Agents and service providers.


  • Developed a change management strategy that was presented to the sponsors, EVCP and SVC, and to the UCSF Space Committee
  • Strategy focused on the following areas:
    • Working and living in the building
    • Governance structure and roles
    • Shared Services
    • Shared Costs Funding model
    • Transition and Community Building
  • Strategy was approved and the plan is being implemented