Mouse Colony Management System


The University’s research involves many mice managed by researchers and staff in more than 200 labs of varying sizes located across the city. Mice are like patients in the hospital in the sense that they need to be tracked on an individual basis, a process that is currently based on manual-entry, and often paper and penciled notes which are then transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. This system is slow, prone to errors, and not amenable to efficient information management.

The preponderance of approaches to mouse management leaves room to create increased efficiencies in:

  • Time for technicians managing mice
  • Economy of scale around software and process investments
  • Use of valuable researcher time
  • Costs to the lab
  • Tracking task completion
  • Consolidating data
  • Transcription of written data
  • Administration of experiments: planning phase, execution phase, and post-execution updating of database


Project Goals and Deliverables

The goal of this project is to purchase and customize, or build, a desired Mouse Colony Management System that: (1) increases scientific excellence and accuracy, (2) ensures compliance with regulations and laws, and (3) achieves financial savings.

In order to achieve these goals, and to address the above stated inefficiencies, the desired Mouse Colony Management system will:

  • Be a centralized best-of-breed Colony Management tool available for all UCSF Lab staff
  • Consolidate UCSF mouse data for centralized visibility and decisions
  • Provide an opportunity to integrate with on-site mouse databases
  • Provide efficiency and opportunity for labs to reduce costs while maintaining optimal quality of care
  • Provide a platform for pedigree analysis
  • Provide reliable data for census numbers and other compliance metrics
  • Provide leadership with robust data
  • Improve Business Process for data quality and workflow
  • Facilitate Cost Savings (visibility to enable fiscally-minded decisions)


For more information about this project please contact PMO Executive Director Mara Fellouris at [email protected].