Recovery Support Services

Services to Help UCSF Units Build Resilience in a Time of Change

Fast and Free Consultation

You have a thinking partner in the PMO. Our consultants are ready to help you speed up recovery planning, create strategies for emerging needs, and prepare for an evolving operating environment. FAS managers can quickly access coaching and consultation services at no charge. Start with a 30-minute call to discuss your needs.

Recovery Support Services are intended to help you no matter which phase of recovery you are in. We will customize our support to meet your needs.


“I need to focus on the must-haves right now.”

PMO can help you: reassess and prioritize essential activities; strategize and set goals with critical paths for timely execution; decide which high-value activities to pursue.


“I want to see beyond the past status-quo. What is my new normal?”

PMO can help you: conceptualize new or adapted workflows and services; reimagine the use of existing or limited resources; explore opportunities to renew operations with a strong commitment to your customers and alignment to FAS True North and UCSF missions.


“I need to stop wasting time on rework and work smarter, not harder!”

PMO can help you: stabilize and create stop-gaps; reduce waste and eliminate errors in business processes; minimize interruptions so you can do more to meet operational and revenue-generating targets.


To schedule a consultation, contact Stephanie Metz [email protected]

Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor, Strategy & Business Transformation UCSF Program Management Office

or any member of the PMO Team.