Space Management Systems


UCSF manages 11.58 million gross square feet (gsf) across all its owned and leased building campus sites, with another 2.4 million gsf currently under construction or planned within the next 20 years. Concurrently, the total population (including students, clinical residents, faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, patients, and visitors) across all campus sites is anticipated to increase from 38,500 to 53,500, within the next 20 years. This level of rapid growth drives a need for high quality technology, data and business processes to manage UCSF’s space assets.

Project Goals & Deliverables


The goal of this project is the implementation of end-to-end space systems, processes and management information to enable UCSF to manage space as a strategic asset. Benefits and Impacts of an improved UCSF Space Management System include:

  • Address strategic business need of space systems by improving usability and productivity of existing space, enabling increased productivity and success in research through improved infrastructure, and enhancing ICR
  • Enable better decision making at all levels through improved quality of space data and management information, directly benefiting a broad constituency including researchers, department administrators and managers, facilities workforce, asset management personnel, leadership, and LRDP
  • Deliver high potential return and cost offsetting through optimization of space resources and cost avoidance by reducing unnecessary construction and lease payments
  • Significantly streamline current technology


The initial deliverable is a Roadmap to improve space management systems and process. This will include an assessment of the current state of space management systems at UCSF to inform recommendations for future improvement, and a timeline for implementation of selected recommendations.

Phase I:

Develop detailed improvement roadmap for the management of space:

  • July- Dec 2014 Assessment of current state and selection of recommended solution options

Phase II:

Implement, in phases, space management business systems with focus on process, data, technology and organization, including options to incorporate GIS and BIM solutions where feasible

  • Dates TBD

The PMO provides project management support to Campus Planning, the organization responsible for the project. The PMO works with the Steering Committee and Work Group to develop the recommended solution and Roadmap. Once the Roadmap is determined, the PMO will manage the implementation of the solution.